Our Journey
Our Journey

Mother's Pet Kindergarten was founded in 1979 at Sadar, Nagpur with a few children. It now spans Nagpur city with four branches and over 1500 children. The next step was the setting up of the Centre Point Group of Schools which today boasts of over 5000 children.

We have become a brand name in the field of premium education and it is a matter of prestige for a parent to educate their children in our group of schools.

At a time when Early Childhood Education was learning a few rhymes, numbers and the alphabet, we turned the structure upside down. We taught “PHONICS”, said “NO” to cursive writing, rote learning and so-called”DISCIPLINE”. We believed then and today that discipline is intrinsic and can be nurtured through stories and in many other ways. Ample opportunities are provided for children to speak which makes a child from Mother's Pet Kindergarten confident and bold. Our children are fearless and confident individuals who are not afraid to question the teachers.

Our successful journey has been exciting and we are looking forward to scaling new heights in the future.

LEARNING PROGRAMS at Mother's Pet Kindergarten

The Learning program at Mother's Pet Kindergarten is designed to deliver age-appropriate skill development during the early years. We focus on the holistic development of every child with curricular and co-curricular activities for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

L S R W - forms the framework for our pedagogy - Listen, Speak, Read and finally Write. The curriculum delivery includes a mix of Language, Numeracy, Story Telling, and Montessori sessions. The Joy Quotient (JQ) is the common thread of our teaching pedagogy. Ample opportunities are provided to children for play and self-expression through art, Circle Time, music and movement and declamation events.

Learning Program

The early years (2-6) are critical to building skills, habits and values. Hence a learning program which is developmentally age-appropriate is necessary to lay a solid foundation to build skills, habits and inculcate values in the little ones.

Play and Self-expression

We strongly believe children will learn the 3Rs (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) only if they are given plenty of opportunities for Play and Self-expression through any medium be it drawing, play dough, clay, puppets, blocks – the list is endless. Here PLAY is LEARNING and LEARNING is PLAY .

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to development in all the domains – physical, cognitive and social-emotional, has made us constantly strive to benchmark our practices to international standards. The striving continues and so does our mission to make children successful learners.

The Group

Mother’s Pet Kindergarten is powered by Lighthouse Learning Group, India's leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education group backed by KKR Capital. Lighthouse Learning is committed to deliver holistic development of its 175,000+ students across the network. The group works towards delivering a robust foundation for future generations with innovation in pedagogy, use of appropriate technology and focus on child safety.

Celebrating 20+ years since inception, the group has always stayed ahead of the curve and is a harbinger of change in the educational landscape. With a ‘Child First’ ideology at its core, it has set new standards and raised the bar in many aspects, including enriching pedagogy and building a nurturing learning environment for children, using technology in enhancing learning engagements, creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women or leading the way in enabling safety protocols for its students at the pre-school and schools.

With a network of over 1,600+ Pre-schools and 54 K-12 Schools, Lighthouse Learning empowers 1300+ women entrepreneurs across the nation and employs a workforce of over 15,000.

Not just learning, it’s joyful learning!
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