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Parent’s Speak
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Ms. Kalpana Dhareshwar


The soul of Mother s Pet is ‘joy in every sphere. Our aim is to ensure that every child who enters our portal imbibes a love for learning . The seed to look upon books as learning something enjoyable, is sown here. Only when a child is happy can the cognitive domain be stimulated to absorb and process information. Every kindergarten develops skills ; but at Mother s Pet the emphasis is on the process, the means to achievement of skills. That is what makes us stand apart.

The so called disciplined class maintaining pin drop silence is a matter of grave concern to us. Children are told to talk , not keep quiet . Movement, laughter, free play, talking, questioning is what childhood is all about. We not only believe in the RIGHT to CHILDHOOD” but embrace it wholeheartedly


Not just learning, it’s joyful learning!
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Embrace the Mother's Pet Kindergarten Experience in Khamla:

Unparalleled Expertise:

Our educators are not just teachers; they are guardians of your child's future, offering a loving and personalised educational experience. As the best kindergarten school near me, we make every lesson a heartfelt adventure.

Innovative Play-Based Learning:

Recognised as the premier playschool in Khamla, we turn every challenge into a playful quest. Here, learning is a treasure hunt, with each discovery a stepping stone to new horizons.

A Wholesome Approach:

Beyond the ABCs and 123s, our preschool in Khamla cultivates the garden of your child's potential, nurturing their creativity, confidence, and joy in a journey that transcends the classroom.

A Bastion of Safety:

The well-being of our little learners is paramount. Our secure campus is a fortress of safety, where strict hygiene meets a cocoon of emotional care.

Heart of Convenience:

Centrally located in Khamla, we're the community's choice for convenience and excellence.

Mother's Pet Kindergarten's Programmes – Where Every Child Thrives:

Kindergarten School in Khamla:

Our kindergarten programme is a launchpad for life's adventures, preparing your child for the grand voyage to primary education with the skills and confidence to excel.

Nursery School in Khamla:

Our nursery school near me is a sanctuary of discovery, where the young ones embark on an exploratory saga, fostering crucial social and cognitive landmarks.

Playgroup in Khamla:

Our playgroup is a carnival of joy, where toddlers dance to the rhythm of learning, developing language, dexterity, and the essence of friendship.

In your quest for the “Best Preschools Near Me”, Mother's Pet Kindergarten is a lighthouse in Khamla, guiding your child through the seas of growth and glee.

Join us at Mother's Pet Kindergarten in Khamla and bestow upon your child the treasure of a jubilant and enriching beginning. Enrol today, and let the symphony of childhood begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling your child in Mother's Pet Kindergarten (MPK) at Khamla, Nagpur, offers numerous benefits. As one of the best preschools in Khamla, Mother’s Pet Kindergarten provides a rich learning environment that fosters cognitive, social, and emotional growth, preparing children for their future academic and life challenges.

Mother's Pet Kindergarten (MPK) Khamla's fee structure is designed to be transparent and reflect the quality of education and care provided. For specific details regarding the fee structure for the academic year 2023-24, parents are encouraged to contact the Mother’s Pet Kindergarten office or visit our website for comprehensive information.

The preschool admission process at Mother’s Pet Kindergarten (MPK) in Khamla Square, Nagpur, is designed to be welcoming and informative for parents and guardians. It involves filling out a preschool admission form, which can be easily accessed either at our office or on our website. The admissions process for Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes is direct. For KG I and KG II, admissions involve interactions with both students and parents, subject to seat availability. An attested photocopy of the Corporation Birth Certificate is required for admission.

At Mother's Pet Kindergarten nursery school in Khamla, children engage in various activities that promote their overall development, including cognitive, linguistic, and social skills, setting a solid foundation for their future learning journey.

For the academic year 2024-25 at Mother's Pet Kindergarten Khamla, the right age for preschool (Pre-Nursery) is children born between 1st October 2021 and 30th September 2022. This age eligibility ensures that children are at the right developmental stage for the learning experiences we offer

At Mother's Pet Kindergarten Khamla, we ensure a safe and nurturing environment for your child. Our facilities include age-appropriate play areas, safe classroom equipment, and a clean, hygienic environment that promotes the well-being of every child. Moreover, our staff is not just trained in early childhood education practices but also in safety and first aid, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide attentive care and support.