Admissions Enquiry

Age Eligibility:

  • a) PRE-NURSERY 1st OCTOBER 2021– 30th SEPTEMBER 2022 ( till 31st DECEMBER as per GR)
  • b) NURSERY 1st OCTOBER 2020- 30th SEPTEMBER 2021 ( till 31st DECEMBER as per GR)
  • c) KG I 1st OCTOBER 2019 – 30th SEPTEMBER 2020 ( till 31st DECEMBER as per GR)
  • d) KG II 1st OCTOBER 2018– 30th SEPTEMBER 2019 ( till 31st DECEMBER as per GR)

*Parents who want to admit their child on the basis of the new Maharashtra Govt. Regulation (GR) may speak to the management. For details, contact MPK Office.

First come first serve

Admission on the basis of first come first serve basis.

Document Required

Attested Photocopy of the Corporation Birth Certificate, Address Proof.


3 Photographs in a labelled packet and 1 Photograph for admission form

Contact for any clarification

Sadar: 0712-2535502 / 9699718779

Wardhaman Nagar: 7770016618 / 0712-2970316

Khamla Square: 7447407641 / 0712-2970026

Amravati Road: 0712-2970789 / 7447407642