The Annual Concert of KG II is one of the most awaited events of the year at Mother's Pet. It is full of glitz and glamour. At MPK we believe in the mantra that each child is special and so there is 100% participation with each child enjoying equal stage time. The Annual Concert engages the children with music, dance, dialogue rendition and enactment which allow children to grow in their skills be it motor skills, communication and expression, creativity, imagination, social and emotional skills, body balance coordination, working in a group and so much more. The uniqueness of our concert is that we choose a particular theme and weave the entire program around it. This allows children to get exposure to various kinds of music and dance forms, costumes, props, etc. Once there is lights, camera, and action, these little artists take us into another world of fantasy. This not only brings a smile to the faces of the children but also broadens the curve on the faces of their parents. This truly makes each one at MPK proud.

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