Showcasing their talent has always been delightful for our little ones. The entire stage experience with vibrant costumes, sound, music, and lights has been enriching and engaging.

It not only brings sheer joy to them and builds the confidence of ' I CAN ' but also hones multiple intelligences in a child. Memorizing steps, taking musical cues, and dancing in sync with their group are important skills to develop.

When this entire process is related to a topic like opposites the outcome is truly Edutainment at its peak. Each class selected three opposites and presented them innovatively through music and movement. Big and Small through the story Lion and the Mouse, Day and Night with the dazzle of the sun and the eerie presence of the ghosts, vibrant

performance of the jokers to depict Tall and Short, stepping Up and Down on the aerobic steps to name a few made the show a super duper success. The young performers rocked the stage with their mesmerizing moves, receiving thunderous applause from the audience. With 100% participation, every child and parent had a satisfied ear-to-ear smile. Regular stage exposure at such an early age surely lays the foundation for loving fine arts in the future.

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