The Methodology


kindergarten school in Nagpur The curriculum at Mother’s Pet is dynamic as we are continually upgrading to keep up with international standards. What makes our system unique is the ZONE System (patented) introduced by our Director Ms. Radhika Rajwade after her internship aboard at Early Childhood Centres. The Zones – English, Number Work, General Awareness, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Skating, Story Telling and Puppetry are headed by experts whose subject competence lends that extra edge to the teaching-learning process. Children visit the zones accompanied by their class teachers. ‘Movement’ is essential for Early Childhood learning thus making it “JOYFUL” too.


Our child centred methodology is based on

  • Developing gross motor, fine motor and pincer skills through activities.
  • Phonics – help children become fluent readers.
  • Activities – learning by doing.
  • The Reggio Emilia Approach – symbolic representation through words, movement, drawing etc.
  • Parachute Play – developing eye-hand co-ordination, motor skills, listening skills and team building.
  • The Project Method – developing observation, reasoning, investigating, researching and problem solving skills on a particular topic in depth.
  • Jenny Mosley’s WHOLE SCHOOL QUALITY CIRCLE TIME – making our school a safe and secure place for children. Developing all the Quotients – Intelligence Quotient, Social – Emotional Quotient and Joy Quotient.
  • Electronic Interactive Board – audio – visual learning as an integral part of kinaesthetic learning.
  • Montessori Activities – making our toddlers independent learners.
  • Our Morning Routine – enables children to understand days of the week, months of the year, reading readiness and visual difference through bar graph.
  • Our in-house publication – designs books (patented) and worksheets according to our Methodology.

  • kindergarten school in Nagpur

    kindergarten school in Nagpur