It is rightly said for every mom. There's no feeling like holding the whole world in your hands'.

Needless to say, their baby is their world. We make this mother-baby duo relationship more meaningful by organizing the event.

*Masti with Mummy* is the most awaited event of the year for our nursery babies and their mommies. Who indeed is the most important person in their life? Through this event, we honor the mothers for their unconditional love, unwavering support, and endless care given to their children. Our little babies have a rollicking time with their moms. Mommies too are super-excited to have masti with their little ones.

We begin the program with our little ones welcoming their mothers by singing and then dancing to some songs chosen especially for their moms.

They then play games to win the *#1 Mummy* crown which is delicately placed on their head by their own baby. The mummy-baby games which are followed surely add that much-needed fun and laughter! Innumerable opportunities for selfies and the hand-crafted carry-home item make the day more special and a cherished memory for life.

We, at MPK, have just this to tell you: *Mommies hold on to these golden moments and cherish the little things with your baby. They indeed grow so fast. Blink and they're TEENAGERS!

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